Google Alerts – The quiet searcher

What are Google Alerts? Your question is similar with Hung. When exposed to the Internet, Hung had to spend the night to search for and select information on the Internet, however, for those who ever have opportunities to understand more about that …
Install Ampps Localhost

Guide to install Ampps

When developing a website, apart from needing to have a real hosting, the one you need most is Ampps, a virtual hosting for testing installation and development services before the website starts operation.
Plugin wordpress install

Plugins need to install for WordPress

Though you have finished installing WordPress, if it just operates as the initial source code, your website will not be easy to compete to be present in the searching map on Google or the other search. To fix that, we have to …

What is SMTP?

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is a protocol to send mail on the Internet; the servers are installed in various geographic regions but sharing the same type parameters.
Hosting Việt - những điều cần biết

Viet Hosting- Things to know

In Vietnam, there are many hosting service providers, but not the quality and the manner of serving are also perfect (just based on my opinion). Therefore, The selection of a suitable supplier influences the quality of your website.