What is Affiliate Marketing? How to make money from it?

Affiliate Marketing, have you heard this phrase yet? Have you ever found out what is it? That is the question that when I am a toddler in this world I used to wonder a lot of times.

#So how they make money from Affiliate Marketing?

Forget the phrase that has not been understood. First, imagine what you already know. A sale person is called commodity marketing staff. They introduce goods and order from the seller. The company will pay salaries and commissions for their selling output in a month. Hola, things clear little by little, right?.

Back to the sales, it is not traditional selling but electronic commerce. The online service providers search for people who can introduce their products to the clients. And the provider will pay back the “commission” to the one who recommend such products. You simply use the tools they already provide usefully during the promotion.

OMG, you may be wonder: what is this? He told he would guide to make money from blogs, why does it include only the business methods which are so boring like that? But keep calm, do not be discouraged, read on to know I am guiding you how to do business.

Deciding to make money from Blog means you have determined to become an Affiliate Marketer. 

So what you have to do?

Become a mediating person to provide services for the related online brands, and remember YOU SELL EVERYTHING

How do you sell?

Follow the product used and learn about it, and then write articles to introduce and evaluate it.

How is the commission of suppliers?

Depending on the providers, the commission is various. However, providers’ percentage is commonly attractive.

How do the providers know who your customers are?

Providers use a storable technology called cookies. A cookie is a hidden component stored on the visitor’s computer if that person access to the product page. This cookie stored in the 30-60 days, sometimes up to 90 days depending on the provider policy. During this period, if users make a purchase of products, suppliers will charge a commission for you.

So that is ok about the sales, now we learn more about specific parts ofAffiliate Marketing

#How to recognize and search Affiliate Marketing?

The early days, I firstly step to the world of Affiliate Marketing, the searching for my product is quite difficult. I was looking for a service which has the Affiliate Marketing mechanism like the services I have used before. However, some services I used seem to lack this mechanism. Studying from the seniors, I learned how to find the appropriate program for my Affiliate Marketing. I will share with you below.

#1: The most classic and easiest way is to understand the service that you have used or known, access to the home page and search the Affiliate Marketing mechanism or the Referer of that provider, register and write the introduction and evaluation for it.

#2: The second way is as simple as the first way that I forget using the Google search engine. You can read in this article : Google Alerts – Kẻ Tìm Kiếm Lặng Lẽ for more information on how to use search engines.

– You just need to follow the format [service]affiliate program. For example, I am looking for Affiliate Marketing about hosting services; I will type like this: [Hosting]Affiliate program The result is following:

affiliate marketing-1

With just a simple keyword, you had a lot of Affiliate Marketing program to learn.

#3: This way is pretty easy, but it requires a little knowledge about it. You join a sales network which is called the Affiliate Network. There, one will easily find many more suppliers. You can count as the market where multiple providers gather while you are a shopper. Registration process focuses on an interface, not around like working with each vendor.

When working with a network, you will have more opportunity to find out more furnishers because the Network interface supports you to find programs Affiliate Marketing fastest and most conveniently. Now there are a lot of Affiliate Marketing network like this on the Internet, but as I learned, there are about six Network. We will explore them in the next section.

Thus : Affiliate Network is an intermediate website which is responsible for the connection between the service providers and service marketing people. They will judge and charge from your provider, responsible for providing tools so that you can recommend the best to your customers.

So until now, we were no longer vague about Affiliate or affiliate marketing anymore. I have recognized the potential that the undercapitalized job brings, how about you?

#The affiliate marketing network you should learn

In this section, I will introduce some Affiliate Network.

#1  Commission Junction (Cj.Com)

This website is the most popular affiliate marketing network, and busy with thousands of products and services are provided daily. The system assembles illustrious providers such as GoDaddy, BlueHost, 1 and 1, HostGator and so on. This sales network brings primary takings for me to the present. To register for an account and start selling products online at this network, use the link:

#Register CJ here

Temporarily, I just share with you how to register. The guide-articles about CJ in detail I will write serially and update here.

#2 ClickBank

ClickBank is an affiliate network specialized in providing digital products like Plugin, software, ebook, etc. If you are in a position of strength to introduce these products, you should use this link to make money.

#Register ClickBank here

#3 LinkShare

This affiliate network has a model and distribution of goods which are similar to CJ. After registration, you will feel the friendliness of this linked system if you have used CJ.

#Register LinkShare here

#4 Amazone Associates

This connected network is well-developed and a destination to the most famous bloggers and Englis websites. It is quite difficult for Vietnamese bloggers at the present. However, if you have the ability to build English blog, join this network, Amazon has been the famous sale brand for a long time.

#Register Amazone Associates here

#5 Access trade

The name sounds a little strange, but this network is definitely from Vietnam. You can use this linked network to get items such as travel, hotel reservations, consumer goods, technical and educative products and so on. If you are a new person to do Affiliate, it is a suitable environment for you to develop your marketing skills. Turn to the Vietnamese market.

#Register Access trade here

#6 Lazada Affiliate Program

Too well known in Vietnam, with models such as Amazon, but development in Vietnam, Lazada own development of their Affiliate system. Although the commission in Vietnam market is not very attractive, is also a good system to develop.

#Register Lazada Affiliate Program here


So now, you may have many thoughts. I had dared to stop other ways to promote Affiliate Marketing industry. What about you? Dare not you? This article is taking knowledge from the many references of the precursors. Next articles, I will introduce the way to register and use the service of each Affiliate so that you can quickly start.

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