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Nickname: Clackken Smith

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I am a programmer; my passion is share. Though there are many shortcomings in knowledge, views of my share are learning and development together. Criteria have had for a long time since I was the writer for Izwebz.com.

During the past 03 years, I spent all my time studying Passive Business Channel, I made income and experienced for myself. That is the foundation of my share. This blog established with a single goal is “Sharing knowledge.” There will be a bit different is that I will share knowledge of business and programming. In Vietnam, there are always new people looking for ways to their future everywhere. I will try to help you to have a better orientation for your way of technology.

Still a new apprentice in this business, I am still confident of success and learn many new things. Accompanied with sharing for you, I believe I would have a major link with the programmer and blogger in the future. If you also want to learn and move forward in this area, do not hesitate to contact me.

I have involved in the world of the Internet for a long time, but today I confirm my new direction and set up his brand. I am still a beginner who is on the road to success; please go with me!