Google Alerts – The quiet searcher

What are Google Alerts? Your question is similar with Hung. When exposed to the Internet, Hung had to spend the night to search for and select information on the Internet, however, for those who ever have opportunities to understand more about that great environment, Hung sure you will be overwhelmed with it, you become disoriented.


One day, I found out information on Google Alerts. I thought that I looked for religion and met the Buddha or God. I did not have to try to seek the information that I want to follow anymore; my work is doing what he wants to do and spend a little time a day to find out what information Google Alerts searches and synthesizes.

Google Alerts can be a real virtual assistant for you, you just set the parameters, adjust the information you want to search and select, it will find, select and give you the satisfied results and have the highest value in the information you are seeking.

I suppose you are studying to become a Blogger, what you want to look for most right now is “how to become a blogger,” And you ask Google Alerts to find all the information related to your keyword. Maybe from any sources, may be from an individual source. Google Alerts will follow, search and choose the information related to your keyword and returns the results to you. You do not have to take the time to look for information and select for hours anymore. And the most important thing is that with only one Google account, you can use it, all are free.


Automatically tracking and search by given keywords.

Filtering information and choose qualitative information.

Announcing daily results or when having information.

Tracking information searched on the search engines.

Searching promotional information.

Support bloggers during the process of finding ideas for articles.


This supporting application uses similar technology as the Google search engine.

For example, I want to find all the information related to the trend cared about in 2016. I will put the index format “* be interested in 2016” So the results returned will have all forms such as “sample cars are most concerned about in 2016; fashion trends are most interested in 2016, the invention was most concerned about in 2006” blah ..blah, and many other results.

So you have imagined how this tool gives you, right? To use this tool we have to set up the following objectives:

Determining the search content or search trends.

Writing queries suitable to requirements above.

Determining the search results, select the search conditions.

Get information and started to learn.


Searching trend:

“*Trend”: this finding way brings up a random content at the beginning and couple with a fixed content below.

Fixed search content:

“Content need searching”: This search will return a fixed content if search browser detects search queries or index coincide with the tenor

Seeking the content which is containing the information need looking for:

“*Content*”: this finding way will return results containing the content you want, e.g., you want to find information of Ngoc Trinh, you build up: “* Ngoc Trinh *” All the contact details including letters “Ngoc Trinh” will be updated for you.

Fixedly searching  from a website

“content site:”: this finding way will help refine searching information from a fixed web, all of the above methods can apply to the searching content, part red letters will only show where the particular search is.


You had better watch the video below to understand clearly, if the video has any problems, you can follow up guiding images below.

Guiding video



1. Go to the Home Page (if you do not already log in, log in to Google), this is the first interface:

giao dien ban dau

Enter a keyword  “*Ngoc Trinh*” you will see the results show up as shown below, to fine-tune the configurations, click Show Options

hinh anh noi dung hien thi

These fine-tuning sections using the Vietnamese are not difficult for you. After completing, click the Create Alert to create the search section.

Google Alerts lua chon cac dieu kien tim kiem

So, I just introduced tools and how to choose information online without spending too much time searching for you. If you have any better tools, please share with me.

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