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Grammarly for Editor, a tool to check the accuracy of the words and grammar for English texts, to propose to correct sentences in the context suitably.

After approaching English writings, I was very overwhelmed by their sentences and styles. English texts demand seriously grammar and words. A sentence must be written correctly and have right meaning that it presents to the readers. For me, the first time I have written blog in English was a problem. Although I usually read my article many times and check words, sometimes, there was still wrong words, placed particles wrongly or more.

The very hard question here is how to write a paragraph describing exactly the meaning that I want to express and, words and grammar style must be exact. After testing many plugins, software, I found a great plugin for Chrome for the EnglishBloggers. That is Grammarly, a friendly name.

Install Grammarly for Chrome

First, connect to  Chrome Extension and enter the content of searching is: “Grammarly”, then press the button  ADD TO CHROME  as the picture below :


To use, you need an account to log in, register for an account at the website: Create an Account

With first-time use, the button will display the account registration box, Grammarly mechanism using Premium Account should manage by registering an account. However, you can use freely.

After installing, your editor will display a blue icon located bottom right.




You’ve registered, click “Already have an account?” to log in.


After login, when pressing Icon, Popup displays and scans the information of the text. If there are any mistakes, it will display a message for you to edit, click on it to correct. Of course, in the picture I deliberately made some mistakes to scan. No one makes mistakes so much!



So, in general, we get an article with suitable words and grammar. Though it does not solve everything, it also limits a lot of unnecessary errors in the article.


However, to use more functions of Grammarly,  you should purchase the Premium version to use conveniently and thoroughly. Now the Premium package in one year is only $ 139. That is worth your money you spend.

Also, Grammarly has a version for Windows. You can log in and install to use applications of Windows such as Word.

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