Hola – The fight to Facebook

In Vietnam, finding ways to access to Facebook has almost become necessary for each person, Hola is a great supporting tool to connect to Facebook.

These days you are stuck because the prohibition of connecting to Facebook is overdone; the mobile network and the Internet blocked facebook vigorously. Some of you even can not access Facebook despite using tips exchanging the host file or using CocCoc browser. There are a lot of people asked me why I was always on Facebook to support them regularly, this is pretty simple to me, just a step to activate the software was able to access without difficulty.

From about 05/12/2016 Facebook in Vietnam began flickering and had signs of being locked again (maybe because of the matter “I Choose Fish”) in the provinces. Even the use of CocCoc browser is useless.

Facebook không truy cập được

Supporting Tool Hola

I use Hola to access, and its useful point is any tabs can use it, do not need to activate the entire browser. Here is some information that it introduces to users.

hola intro

And the best feature of it free services almost satisfy the use need of users, no advertisements during the visit; you absolutely can select VPN in a different country to get the best access speed. I choose to use VNP from the US, but the access speed to Facebook is excellent.


Here I will guide you to install Hola in the Chrome browser or CocCoc browser.

+ Open a new tab and click on the Apps icon

new tab

+ Then you select the WebStore as shown below

chon store

+ Type keyword “Hola” and then click “ADD TO CHROME” to install it.
nhap và cai dat hola

+ After the installation is complete; you will see the icon Hola located in the top right corner, click and select the country you point.

hola choice VPN

+ And this is my achievement.

hola complete

You see, accessing to Facebook is not too difficult anymore. Also, it can install on multiple devices, not merely a computer, and you can try to use according to your needs.

hola anytime, anyplace

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