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Introduce About Hung Dang Info

Welcome to Hung Dang Blog – This blog being establishment still the same with target shared knowledge and methods of business in the Internet environment. Being absent during the last three years, I took the time to learn models and experience for methods of business in the Internet environment.


Five years ago, after participating in a website. I knew the need for knowledge and found opportunities in the business of Vietnamese young people is high. However, at that time, did not have a lot articles about guide business from the Precursor, Bloggers have the private channel, but it cannot use all potential of the Internet. Although the bloggers have a lot of good ideas, however, they cannot make enough money from its.

I’ve decided to stop all my work and plunge to the challenges of the process building up Passive Business Channels. This model is similar to Sales Channels for goods that business person practiced on the real “You have the potentiality about buyers; you can sell anything.”. In this time, I pursued two main business channels can bring in revenue for bloggers.


With my desire for a long time, my concern is how to find revenue without doing business with the knowledge. Those days, I just used the method of advertising on my website. That is the superficial thought. After deciding to determine my new ways, I found the ways how to learn and access such method of business.

Now, the beginning is rather successful, so I want to share some information with everybody. Building up Business Channels means that you can have much more time for your family and friends. Besides, that helps you get some money.

Becoming bloggers and making money from this job had a long time ago. Moreover, we did not keep pace with tendency to change and learn. Don’t write lengthily! The target of my blog is to “guide you to build up Passive Business Channel and find revenue from the Internet”.