Plugins need to install for WordPress

Though you have finished installing WordPress, if it just operates as the initial source code, your website will not be easy to compete to be present in the searching map on Google or the other search. To fix that, we have to use some plugins.

The plugins need to install for WordPress

  1. XML sitemap: This is an important support tool for WordPress. This plugin will inform Google and other searching tools about diagrams and articles on the websites. Google takes links on your website on the searching map thanks to this tool.
  2. Akismet: This is a tool to assist you in preventing spam. If you open the comment function of the blog, your blog will get a lot of spams of salespersons. This tool allows you to filter and browse the comments.
  3. Broken Link Checker: During the operation, sometimes you bring your content with a link to a website or a page, later when the page disappears, the link becomes useless. Because when you connect to the link, it is not correct. That makes the new reader disappointed about the content because you do not care it. This tool helps you discover the link was no longer active in the articles on the blog.
  4. Manual Image Crop: When using images to make the icons on your website, sometimes when uploading photos to the unsuitable photo location. However, to cut the photos to the different places is quite difficult. This tool helps you cut the parts proper to your requirement.
  5. SEO Auto Links: When using WordPress, sometimes you want to put a link to the fixed keyword. For example, I want to put the keyword <<< >>> Hung Dang (have you seen it with the link yet? I do not put a link in the article. This tool creates it). Here is a link to the website ““. Hung Dang, the word always has a link, although I do not put a link to it.  That is very useful for your SEO process.
  6. Simple Alert Boxes: It is ridiculous if you want to emphasize something to the reader, but it does not stand out on the page. This tool can support you; please watch below!
    Thông báo thành công
    Thông tin hướng dẫn
    Thông tin cảnh báo
    Thông tin Cấm hoặc cảnh báo nghiêm trọng
  7. WP SMTP: Building up a website for the first time, most of you will not know what is SMTP. That is the tool to help you manage it =)) so what is it? The fifth tool has created links for you, just click on >> SMTP to learn about it. If no article because I do not finish the article yet. However, I will try my best.^.
  8. WP Social SEO Booster: This tool helps you customize the contents and the images on social networks such as Facebook, Tweeter, Google+ … Maybe it is not new to you, right? When you share on Facebook, it also has the pictures and contents.
  9. Yoast SEO: This is an essential tool, so I deliberately let it appear last. We can say that this plugin gives soul to your blog. It helps you bring any keywords on the searching map of the providers. I will guide you to install this tool in this article. Besides, I will write another article to configure best for your website.
  10. TinyMCE Advanced: This is a set of tools to support amateurs that not major in about HTML programming language. Sometimes you want to upload a paragraph on the site, and you need a little knowledge of HTML. However, not everyone has enough time to learn and complete the skills required for the post quickly. That is the tool to support you adorn passage without knowing too much knowledge of HTML language.

Other Plugins need to install for WordPress Blog

I think that they help efficiently for your Blog, so I put the information item below. You can set or not, depending on your purpose.
1. FormCraft: Create a form quickly and professionally to the website
2. Open Graph Rescrape: One day, you put the incorrect content or photos to share on Facebook. Also, it takes 24-48 hours so that Facebook can update to your correct images. When you need to share the images and content, they are still being taken from the previous version. This tool helps you knock on Facebook and force Facebook update right now.
Above are some of the plugins you should install. I will introduce you for some specialized plugins in the separate article. Next, we will install all plugins I have just mentioned above. I have videos about installation and photography for articles. In each page, I will guide photos and videos.
Click to page 2 and start. Let’s Go!

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