Introduce and Install WordPress

Today WordPress is the source code used in most websites with related content. It is not only good at CEO but also in content design.

Introduction of WordPress source code

b2 / cafelog is commonly known as the b2 or cafelog, the Precursor of WordPress. B2 / cafelog was used for about 2000 blogs in May 2003. It is written in the programming language PHP to use with MySQL by Michel Valdrighi, who became the developer of WordPress now. Although WordPress is the official descendant, in another project, b2evolution is also developing.

In 2004, the period of Movable Type competitive product package was changed by Six Apart. Moreover, many users turned to use WorPress. That created a great turning-point in the development of WordPress.

In 2007, WordPress won Packt Open Source CMS Award. In 2009, WordPress led the best CMS source code.

(Quoted Vietnam wiki)

The advantages of WordPress source code

  1. Management mechanism of the source code is very simple. For those who never know about the website can only take up to one week to use proficiently this source code, including actions such as signing posts, editing essential items, uploading photos, editing photos, managing comments, etc.
  2. The plugin library is abundant. Instead of hiring someone to write the support additional functions, you can search it in the library freely.
  3. Extremely flexible operations among servers.
  4. Backup and Restore Mechanism is flexible.
  5. For Developer, this source code is very easy to write more function for it without having much more basic knowledge about PHP.

Through a series of advertisements above, you are excited about it, right? Have you ever installed all source code yet? Please read below!

Things to prepare for installation

  1. Hosting: contains your source code to provide visitors Domain: Name of identifier on the internet for your website. Is that familiar to you, right?
  2. Domain: Name of identifier on the internet for your website. Is that familiar to you, right?
  3. Plugin: The necessary plugins for WordPress source code

Now, we start each section

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