Viet Hosting- Things to know

In Vietnam, there are many hosting service providers, but not the quality and the manner of serving are also perfect (just based on my opinion). Therefore, The selection of a suitable supplier influences the quality of your website.

Advantages of Hosting Vietnam

  1. Domestic speed quickly, to meet the demand for website well.
  2. Supporting is close and convenient (this depends on the supplier).

Hosting providers in Vietnam

Here I list suppliers that I have used.

  1. Pa VietNam
  2. Eyes of Storm
  3. Ftech
  4. Viet Hosting
  5. BKNS

Evaluate Hosting suppliers

Pa Việt Nam


  1. PA Vietnam is the largest supplier, so it has a large market in Vietnam. PA Vietnam’s indicator of prestige is rather good.
  2. The system of supporting customers is separated.
  3. The security of customer’s information is right.
  4. For domestic Hosting, PA Vietnam is one of the well- known suppliers.


  1. Procedures for stopping or moving service are inconvenient because of papers and requesting to be in the office.
  2. For supporting, support staff of PA is not very enthusiastic.
  3. Service engages to work all day. However, if calling at midnight, you have to wait for a long time.
  4. Sometimes, there is a problem but do not notify the reason.

Mắt Bão


  1. Many promotions, the system of related services is quite intuitive.
  2. Intuitive payment procedures.
  3. The system of supporting customer is intuitive.

Disadvantages :

  1. The thing that many members complain most is the service and the system of support staff. The system does not meet engagement. During the time of using, I’ve lost the data that can not recover. Moreover, support staff is not definitive and not support sufficiently.
  2. Hosting is often blocked because many resources used. This also happens with VPS.


Advantages :

  1. The good support system, and for me, hardware and technology meet the demand.
  2. The users can try the service (I used to try VPS).
  3. Reply for customers rapidly. However, requested to support at midnight is not easy.
  4. Few cases die the service (in my opinion)

Disadvantages :

  1. The departments of this company do not go together, like the phone listener and the technician are unconnected.
  2. Requests for supporting are rather difficult.

Máy chủ Việt

Advantages :

  1. Good support is one of the strong points of this provider. It can support any times.
  2. The system was constantly upgraded.
  3. The system operates stably. Few cases die, and upgrade or repair are warned.

Disadvantages :

  1. This provider probably has the highest prices.
  2. For domain or hosting, the support system for interaction is quite bad.
  3. Server management system is quite many stages


Advantages :

  1. The price is not high, often have many discounts.
  2. Supporting business is quite good.
  3. Hosting services (I used) is really good. Speed and the time of working are quite stable.
  4. Technicians support incidents are enthusiastic.

Disadvantages :

  1. In my opinion, for virtual hosting service and hosting, the productivity seems not to be good, probably due to technology.
  2. Advertisements are spectacular but the quality is not.
  3. Support for the mechanism of Agency is very bad.


Thus, each provider has different advantages and disadvantages, but in general, if you use the service for Blog or individual, you should use Viet Hosting. In spite of the price, I feel I can be served well and comfort when using it.

However, this is just my opinion, so this article is not a PR or advertising for any supplier. It’s best to learn about many sources to ensure the services you buy!

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