What are Brainwaves? How many types of Brainwaves?

Nowadays, Science proves that every man’s body has an electric current and that current appears in the most of the central cells in the brain. Also, it is called “the Generator.”  The activity of generating electricity in brains creates brainwaves, divided into five categories: Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta, and Gamma.

Each type of brainwaves is a various expression of the brain in human’s daily activities. Every action and thought produce a kind of brainwave. At one time, only one type of brainwave is created. A brain does not create two types of brainwaves at the same time. That is the reason why I advise you not to hear two kinds of waves at the same time below.

Brainwaves produce from the process of receiving and processing of the brain for life. From the womb until death, human always produces brain waves suitable for human’s life. Every daily action, every dream, and memories can create brain waves. If grasping their way of working, you can fully apply brainwaves to live to benefit health, working and yourself.

Brainwaves include 05 categories: Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta, and Gamma.

Beta brain waves

Beta brainwaves have frequencies from 12 to 30Hz. Beta waves represent awareness of the human. This wave generates when people are in possession of their sense, thinking logically or solving problems, a speech presentation, playing sports. These actions require brains firmly act and generate Beta waves.

Beta brainwaves are essential for people in daily activities. Moreover, when you focus on something excessively, you will feel fatigue, dizziness, nervousness, and anxiety. For life in the present, because of the material need, human have to work frequently. Therefore, stress is becoming popular in Vietnam.

In short, you should listen to Beta brainwaves when you need to focus on a mathematical problem. If you are easily distracted, please put on headphones and complete your work. Don’t listen to Beta waves too long or you get stress!

Alpha brain waves

Alpha waves have the frequency from 8 to 12Hz, rather shorter than Beta. However, it can constrain Beta as “Water conflicts Fire”.

Alpha waves produce when brains feel relax, or those with leisurely lifestyle. Moreover, they are also generated when people create something. For example, an artist feels relax completely, and a masterpiece produces. Those with a good memory have Alpha frequencies the most, followed by people with great imagination. You can see this type of person is usually director with slow spinning reels in their heads.

Surprisingly, children produce Alpha waves most. It proves that children has the most abundant imagination and always feel relax. Also, people use Alpha waves to cure some diseases such as neurological diseases.

Because of the reverse reaction to the Beta, Alpha waves are advised “not to be used simultaneously with Beta waves” and “not to listen to many kinds of waves at the same time.”

Theta brainwaves

Having frequency from 4 to 7Hz, Theta waves appear when the body is in a deep relaxation or meditation, in a shallow sleep, including states of moving eyes rapidly (REM sleep). This wave associated with the unconsciousness, where the mind is capable of understanding, intuition develops, body and spirit unite. In this state, our minds can connect with the universe and create changes remarkably. You can also experience lively imagination, great inspiration, and profound creativity. The lower frequency of the brainwaves is, the faster the ability to learn is.

The reason why meditation or yoga can bring relaxed feeling is to lead brains entrancement then create Theta waves. When brains only create Theta waves, people tend to experience the mysterious story.

Most children and adolescents have Theta waves.

Delta brainwaves

Delta waves have the frequency from 0.5 to 4Hz. Though it has the lowest frequency, its amplitude of oscillation is the highest. These waves appear when people are in a profound and dreamless sleep. Delta waves are used to treat people with chronic insomnia.

Delta brainwaves have used to heal for a long time because a profound sleep is essential for the replication process and put the body in a self-healing mechanism. Delta waves produce when meditation is supposed to help the practitioner reach the unconscious state. That is a typical brainwave of infants (from 0-24 months). The brain waves produce when adults take a profound sleep.

Gamma brainwaves

Gamma waves have the highest frequency, from 25 to 100 Hz. In this state, people can experience a range of increasing feelings, deep sights, the process of information at a high level. Experiments on Tibetan monks showed that there is a relationship between mental states and Gamma waves. When the priest was asked to create feelings of compassion, Gamma brain waves worked lightly. In this state, people feel that they can do anything.

Gamma waves often produce from the genius of music, poetry, painting, or the player when the gold goal, winning lottery ticket.

I am so tired of my hands. You have just known what the brainwaves are and the uses of the waves. In the next article, we will explore Brainwave  Music and the reason why it is good for you.

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