What is SMTP?

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is a protocol to send mail on the Internet; the servers are installed in various geographic regions but sharing the same type parameters.

On which port does SMTP operate?

Commonly used on ports: 25, 465, 587 depending on the security of the providers, this method is often used by applications from the third supplier, users often use Outlook or other software on this protocol.

WordPress has a lot of Plugin to support the administrators can send their messages to readers, send announcements of new posts, notifications of promotions. Also, there are many email marketing software use this protocol to send out an email to subscribers.

How to install SMTP?

I’ll get Outlook to describe for you some information when declaring for this software.

Filled Interface of the mailboxes


Add SMTP for Outlook


Other information related to the SMTP protocol

Use the port 25 of TCP. To determine the SMTP server of a particular domain name (domain name), people use an MX record (Mail eXchange) of DNS (Domain Name System).

SMTP defines everything that did with email. It determines the structure of addresses, requires the domain name and anything related to email. it also specifies requirements for Post Office Protocol (POP) and access Internet Message Protocol (IMAP) server, so emails sent correctly.

SMTP started to use widely in the early of 1980s. At that time, it is just an additional software of the set of applications which use the same protocol UUCP (Unix to Unix Copy – Copy from Unix machines to Unix machines) but more convenient in the transmission of e-mails between computers – these computers are only occasionally connected to each other again to transmit database. In fact, it will work better if the sending computers and receiving ones are connected continuously.

In the article about the “the sender rewrites address”, the necessary information about the technical of SMTP in history before, and routing techniques return to the source before the  RFC 1123 created (1989, to be replaced so by RFC 2821) was mentioned.

Source: Wiki Pedia

Thus through this article, you have a clearer understanding of SMTP and know how to use it for your purposes.

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