Write Blog to earn money- True or False?

That is a difficult question for me when I start to write Blog and make money from it. There are many examples such as Don Ninh, Ngoc Den Roi, and many other typical bloggers. However, when starting to Blogger, I knew that the balance between income and work; pressure from family and myself.

I had overheard earning money from blogs for a long time, but because of economic conditions and other things, I could not find my answers. In  2013, I completely stopped all his work and began to learn about how bloggers make money? For me, this question always made me anxious. At that time, I could not realize the potential of write blog. I looked like a sleepwalker in a series of information.

This time, I will tell you, I had income approximately 20 $ -30 $ /day. It is still relatively low compared to many other bloggers, but it has not come from my blog yet. Now the revenue from my blog is still no money.

So why do I write the blog?

Surely you’re thinking, “I am bad at Literature and no feeling. My behavior is prissy. Therefore, I can not write anything well ” However, I changed the way of thinking after one week performed “Start to Write Blog.” All posts on HungDang.Info until now have been written by me. Looking back myself, I can not believe that a hard person like me can write that posts. It is funny!

Thus, I began to change myself to try something that I always believed I would never do it. A guy never studied Literature over 5.5  marks, but now he can write well.(Be high and mighty!). I did and felt well. Why do not you try it?

Going along with writing blogs, you also need to learn about relevant skills, such as graphical, technical writing, SEO techniques, learn keywords. Besides, the most important thing is the application business Affiliate for a website. I have a separate theme of Affiliate: What is Affiliate? How to make money?. Please read to know that business model!

The last thing of all the work is to create revenue for yourselves and get a stable income. So, writing a blog is a real job like other jobs. I always think so for a better step.

At the moment, I still get no money, but I always believe in my goals and my work. That is the path to success for any business.

So :

If you want to write blogs, you need to do action and forget about making money. What you need now is to build up a blog and write articles to get the visitor.

What things do you need to prepare when writing Blogs?

Buy domain name: Before planning or writing content, you must purchase the domain name because the domain is something very easy to lose.

+ I have provided a service about international domain name at reseller club, you can buy it at Hung Dang Domain – The trading operations are quite easy, especially you do not need to pay by inconvenient payment method such as Visa, Paypal. You just transfer the domestic ATM and send an email to me. Finally, you have activated and used it immediately.
+ Besides, there are lots of other domain name providers. You can refer to Coupon Code category. In my opinion, you should use a promotional code to buy cheap domain names in the early year. However, I have a very excellent package, just $ 2.89 /mo when you purchase Domain + Hosting + SSL.

Install a source code Blog: After having prepared the domain and hosting, you can start installing the source code for your blog. The common source code now is WordPress. Almost bloggers use WordPress to write the blogs. So why has WordPress been selected as the general source code?

Until now, WordPress has been the most common open source code, the percentage of users are increasing. It is known as the source code for easy integration, including library interface and the free integrated section. For example, I want a display function on the website, just take the integrated part and show. Unless using, you can remove. That is not too complex, and you do not need to hire people who have great techniques and knowledge as before.
WordPress is an open source code developed commonly, the security improves regularly. If you were a coder, you would realize that to develop this source code is very easy, easy to learn and the synthesized knowledge available. I have an article instructing to install WordPress on hosting: Introduction and install WordPress. You can refer to install it. [/altert]

Choose a theme for the Blog: For me, this is the soul of the blog. Choosing the topic will affect all the future direction of the blog, the ability to develop the blog. After operating for a long time, many blogs operated slowly and then stopped.The author lost the motivation. I have an analysis on this issue: Write blog and the topic of a blog dead, you can consult.

[alert type = "success"] When choosing a topic, you should assess many aspects. Who makes the blog with you? You have to evaluate the capacity of each person, do not overlook anything. There are things you think they are useless, but when using, they become your strength. So, evaluate your strengths, weaknesses, and you will overcome them during the working process.
Always put your strengths on the top. That means if you can make a delicious cake, you should choose that topic and infer related things; you can do with the cake? How do you get viewers? Please orient the way how viewers reach to your website.
Writing the articles always comes high on the list of priorities, do not let it affect your life. If you want to write an article about baking, please prepare everything this afternoon, and do it the next day, do not let hurry make you unprofessional.

Using the necessary channels: You have to use all external sources to attract visitors to the blog. Please use facebook, google +, or all the channels that you have. However, you have to note: visitors do not want to be bothered, so if you do not have content, do not disturb them.

Respond to any comments of visitors: Sometimes, your feedback makes guests feel they are interested, and they follow you every day. Please take care of them with the excellent answers and articles.

I have guided you the first steps for write blog. If there is no better experience, please share with me.

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