Write blogging and the problem of dead blog

For Bloggers, the most terrible thing is not blogging, but the worst is the ideas get stuck and stagnate. How have the bloggers overcome this time of crisis? Do all bloggers face with it or not? And how to avoid that happen?

Dead blog? What is this?

I was a person who constructed blog right from the basic steps. The most difficult thing at the beginning was that my writing was not good. To have a complete sentence, I had to edit my posts many time read them, again and again, to be acceptable before publishing. When the amount of article approximately reached to 20 posts, I felt disordered the ideas, with the pressure to write multiple columns without collaborators. Sometimes, I spent all day looking at the screen and did not know what to do next. I felt depressed because of pressure. How could I pass that time?

Why are you depressed? Why do your ideas get stuck?

Write blogging and the problem of dead blog

Boring often occurs when you get tired of sitting in front of a computer, thinking about the plans for a long time. Sometimes, sedentariness also causes feeling depressed, try to do something newer:

Do not sit at home anymore, sit somewhere else, different space.

Missing ideas or having redundant think only happens when you do not arrange work properly. Dividing the categories that your blog has for many days. For example, every day I write one or two articles for a different category, which makes my mind Hung unlimited and refreshed regularly. The work needing lots of time such as preparation video, taking photos of instruction steps, preparing a speech…, you should take the time for such things.

Please arrange a reasonable time between your life and writing, trying to complete your objectives in the best way.

Try to do the impossible things. I did not know much about cooking, but I still learn and carry out the subject of Life Tips. I can simply learn something new, it does not make my idea limited and become exhausted.

Do impossible things for yourself; sometimes that’s the best way to express your thought.

Believing in yourself, do not lose confidence when facing with difficulties. The more difficult questions are the more energy and will you need to have. For example, a paralyzed person wants to do the unthinkable thing is taking part in the 100m running competition, but when he runs with all enthusiasm, the distance is not an issue.

Never lose confidence in ourselves.

The tension between life and writing

Write blogging and the problem of dead blog

When you start to make money from the career of writing blog, the greatest pressure is that you get no income. However, many people will say if you pursue, it will have good results. In fact, it is things in life- means of support- that will be tremendous pressure on you.

If getting married, you will be under the stresses of the family, but mostly of money or household chores.

If you make the right direction, your effort will be paid worthily, but it takes time.

What are the benefits of blogging?

Bloggers can work anywhere they want. You can have more time for family and the most important thing; you can get income even if you are not working (passive income).

Developing knowledge in many fields, in different sides, and contact more with people.

Building up a brand for yourself and attracting people.

Writing books about the skills that you had when reaching a certain level of knowledge.

Developing yourself more in the Internet environment.

So I guided you the skills to overcome the difficult period during writing blog, have you had your knowledge yet? Please share with me.

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